Kentucky Avoids Upset when Ole Miss Goes Playground

Published on 6-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Kentucky Avoids Upset when Ole Miss Goes Playground

Like the truth, 40-0 is still out there.

And the truth is, Kentucky will still be hard pressed to realize it.

Chosen Few or not, John Calipari's latest legion of kajillionaires-in-waiting found out that they won't always be able to toss their jocks on the court and ring it up game after game.

Ole Miss took a cue from Dennis Green, and still suffered the same result.

Yep. Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Check out the Rebels' offensive set for the last shot in regulation:

Jarvis Summers last shot vs Kentucky


Ole Miss catches the No 1 team on an off-night, does everything else right, and this is the best they can do? No motion, no passing, no driving to the rim with a possibility of picking up a whistle?

Dudes, this is college ball! At least a speck of team competence is expected. Or should be.

Summers' hopeless launch wasn't the only Rebel gaffe of the final seconds -- Summers also dribbled into a backcourt double-team and threw the ball away -- but it was typical of an unranked team that couldn't, or wouldn't, seize the moment.

Impending doom was foretold when guard Stefan Moody -- a 92% free-throw shooter -- gets nicked at the arc and winds up cramping. He couldn't continue at the time, so Kentucky chose MJ Rhett -- 68% from the stripe -- to step up and clang two of the three freebies.

And yet, Ole Miss had a chance for the final say and chose to go streetball with it. Incredible. Bobby Knight would be spinning in his grave. If he was, like, actually dead.