How to Win Your College Basketball Bracket Pool

Published on 19-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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How to Win Your College Basketball Bracket Pool

For anyone who's delayed their duty to fill out a Big Dance bracket, I'm here to help.

The NCAA Tournament starts in earnest tomorrow, so it's time.

The Daily Player has offered a smörgåsbord of advice, but there's always room for more. That way, you can spread around the blame if you don't win.

But let's not be negative here. If you really want to win your pool, here are few more hopeful hints. Notice I said pool and not the $1billion wet dream that Warren Buffet is giving away for a perfect bracket. Your chances of winning that are like a kajillion bajillion to one. Or something like that. 

In other words, folks, just try to win your work pool. 

  • First of all, pick most of the No 1 seeds. They're most likely to win it all. And definitely don't pick lower than a No 4. Rarely does a lower seed raise the trophy. 
  • Never pick a 16th seed. They're 0-for-forever in the Dance. Yes, there have been close calls here and there, but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes, social dancing, and nuclear attack.
  • A lower seed will score an upset here and there. For example, you'll see No 2 seeds taken out by No 15s on rare occasions. Picking the odd upset will add a bit of spice to your bracket and may just provide the edge if you're in a close race. Just keep them to the early rounds.
  • Your winner will most likely come from one of the so-called power conferences. Those would be the ACC, SEC, Big XII, Pac-12, and Big Ten.
  • And finally, if you really want to win this thing, be smart as opposed to being a fan. Check the odds. You won't see Bovada going broke anytime soon. They have a clue. Probably more than you.

Let's summarize:

Good luck, and if you don't hear from me again, you know I won the billion dollars.