Have a Cup of Shut the Hell Up!

Published on 6-Apr-2014 by Larry Cory

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Have a Cup of Shut the Hell Up!

Do any of you know who Luke Winn is?

I will presume the answer is a resounding No.

Well, this guy gets to write for Sports Illustrated.  As a matter of fact, they think so much of him that they let him predict the entire NCAA tourney for public consumption. That's an oversight on their part.

Not only did this joker get paid to pick the games, he also got to put in his own personal digs against the losers that he picked.

Let's state it up front that he picked only one team in the Final Four -- for a rousing 25% success rate -- and that that team lost. 'Way to go out on a limb, buddy, and pick the No 1 team (chalk). So now, this alleged insider has zero chance of picking a winner, something he isn't.

It's not just the picks that annoy me. It's the smart-assed comments that went along with them. Let's review his top five stupid remarks:

No 5 Pick: New Mexico over Stanford. Wrong. Comment: Lobos front line trumps everything the Cardinal faced in the Pac-10.  Reality:  Stanford started fast and finished strong. So New Mexico was one and done.

No 4 Pick: Oklahoma State over Gonzaga. Nope. Comment: The Cowboys are the bracket's most dangerous No 9 seed.  Reality: The Cowboys are the most dangerous team watching the rest of the tourney on TV.

No 3 Pick: Arizona State over Texas. Close don't count. Comment: Horns are rejected by D-1's top shot blocker Jordan Bachynski. Reality: Bachynski blocks one --  yes, one -- freaking shot and doesn't even block out Cameron Ridley in the last seconds, and Texas played on.

No 2 Pick: Wichita State over Kentucky. Sorry, loser boy. Comment: Kentucky finally gets its chance to see what a No 1 seed chasing a 40-season looks like. Reality: The Shockers finally get a chance to play a good team and the No 1 college basketball program in the history of the game. And what happened? They lost!

No 1 Pick: Duke over Mercer. Lazy! Comment: Consolation for the Mercer Bears is that they get to tell their grand kids that that Jabari Parker scored on them. Reality: Consolation for Duke and Parker: They can tell their grandkids that they lost to a No 14 seed! Didn't Winn learn anything from Florida Gulf Coast last year? Those teams in the Atlantic Sun can play.

If I were in charge over at Sports Illustrated, I'd want some of my money back from this guy. 25%? Really!  Do you know what they do at The Daily Player? Anyone who wants to make a pick in the Daily Stake section has to put their money where their mouth is. Sobering. But it's a service to the readers, as they know someone actually gave the matter some thought and made a true commitment.

I think we've all picked better than 25%, and we haven't got a dime from SI. If they're going to pay you to make picks, then just make the damn picks. A 25% track record makes you look like a fool. Making stupid comments with them makes you look like a stupid fool. Do all sports fans a favor and just have a cup of shut the hell up!