Former Rutgers Coach Rice Now Coaching Girls' Team

Published on 15-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Rutgers Coach Rice Now Coaching Girls' Team

In the "that didn't take long" department, former Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice has found a new job.

He's coaching a 12-year old girls basketball team.

Rice, as you may recall, was fired a few weeks ago for physically and verbally abusing his players. According to some observers, things haven't changed for Rice.

He still is carrying on as if he wasn't fired for doing the same thing weeks earlier. 

Former Temple basketball player Mike Vreeswyk described Rice a "lunatic" when it comes to his coaching methods at this middle school.

When others tried to come to the defense of the coach, Vreeswyk said this on Twitter:  "I would say that's a generally true statement. His antics and screaming while seated was startling given his situation."

The most interesting thing in all of this is the number of parents who actually have no problem with Rice or his methods of coaching.

One of the girls parents even said that “Mike is doing this because this is what he does. This is what he loves."

I guess what is true for Rice is true for all coaches: if he is winning, which apparently is what his team is doing, no one cares what you do. You can get away with almost anything.

And people wonder what took so long to nail Jerry Sandusky.