Duke Deals Allen an Indefinite Suspension

Published on 24-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Duke Deals Allen an Indefinite Suspension

Every sports league has that one team.

You know them, too.

No matter what part of the country you’re from, you just hate them.

The Yankees, the Cowboys, the Lakers.

In college hoops, that'd be Duke.

There's something about these franchises that makes them so easy to dislike.

Maybe it’s their winning history. Or their annoying fan bases. Duke's definitely no exception. People revel in the Blue Devils' suffering.

This ire goes so deep that even the players are hated. More specifically, that one team always has that one player that's just so hate-able.

Classic example: Christian Laettner. Dude's known in Dookieville for clutch his clutch-ability, the most famous of which was The Shot:

For everybody else, Laettner represented everything evil about Duke.

He was a flopping, pretty-boy, dirty player.

Laettner was such a hated figure that his documentary was titled I Hate Christian Laettner.

Today, the subject of Duke haters' ire is Ted Cruz impersonator Garyson Allen.

The tempestuous guard played a big part in Duke’s 2015 NCAA title run, scoring 16 points in the championship win over Wisconsin. Last year, Allen and Brandon Ingram were their major go-to dudes in their Sweet 16 run.

However, with Ingram gone, Garyson's now got that role to himself for the Blue Devils.

To those outside of Durham, Allen is a figure people love to hate.

He's infamous for his serial tripping act. Last season, Allen had two major incidents in games against Louisville and Florida State:  

This season, Allen pledged to clean up his act. He only kept his promise for little less than two months.

In Duke’s most recent game against Elon, Grayson tripped an opposing player again while he was driving the lane.

Actually, trip might be little light. This was more along the lines of Dramond Green, minus the nard shot:

Allen went to the bench with a tech, where he threw a mini-tantrum. In the locker room afterwards, he offered an apology to the Elon player, admitting his actions inexcusable.

At first, it seemed like Allen might yet again get away with his shenanigans. Coach Mike Kyzyzewski was quoted as saying that he didn’t need to satisfy what other people think he should do. For whatever reason, though, he changed his tune and isuspended Allen indefinitely.

Will Allen use this time to reflect on his actions?

Maybe he'll come out a better man.

Then again, suspensions don’t always make players less dirty.

And it's now possible that Grayson’s most recent trip will cement his place as the most hated Duke of all time.