Bovada's Odds-On Dancers: Gators and Cardinals

Published on 17-Mar-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Bovada's Odds-On Dancers: Gators and Cardinals

The chalk has spoken.

Bovada crunched the numbers and mixed in whatever else it is that makes them a top online sportsbook -- remember, they had Charlie Strong going to Texas before anyone else -- and they're laying odds that only two top seeds are going to make it to the Final Four in Dallas.

Here's their top of the charts, odds-wise, encompassing all of the top three seeds in the brackets:

Bovada Big Dance odds favorites

Note that two No 4 seeds are prominent in that list, while the other two -- UCLA (40:1) and San Diego State (50:1) -- don't look as promising as the Selection Committee claims. In fact, eighth-seeded Kentucky (33:1) is estimated to fare better.

The Bovada data tool on this site's Home page features data such as the hottest tournament teams -- both NCAA and NIT -- against the spread. The Cardinals show their strength, but thanks to a late Kentucky rally in the SEC tournament title game, the Gators aren't there:

Bovada hot-and-not list

Here's what else the Bovada data tool tells us about its two favorites:

Florida Gators data

Louisville Cardinals data

It all sounds so convincing, but if sports teaches us anything, it's not to discount the impact of intangibles.

Caveat emptor.

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