Bill Belichick Can Save Basketball

Published on 21-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Bill Belichick Can Save Basketball

Who really knows what they do with footballs before a game?

And who cares?

OK, maybe the 24/7 media cycle and that paragon of virtue, the NFL itself.

But Bill Belichick is on to something with this deflated ball thing. He's just not applying it to the right sport.

For years, hoops has had a serious problem, and Bill Walton said it best:

All it is, is these little guys dribbling incessantly, aimlessly, without purpose, only to draw attention to themselves.

Please save us!

How often has the 1-4 baseline formation stifled any thought of creativity or teamwork as the shot and/or game clock ticks down? And how often does that result in a botch-up as the dribble-driver hopes to get bailed out by a whistle?

Who wants possessions and games to be settled that way?

Clemson coach Brad Brownell believes it as much an issue of trust as it is selfishness:

Basketball is more and more becoming a game of isolation, a ball-handler trying to beat his man off the dribble. Increasingly, a player who begins a possession with the ball finishes the possession with a shot.

If we want to see a solo show, we'll watch golf, tennis, bowling, or Aunt Emma playing solitaire.

This is where the hoops world misses Bobby Knight:

Now, wasn't that refreshing?

But the General isn't coming out of retirement. So, a true return to a total team game -- much more entertaining -- could be down to cagey ol' Bill.


Come on over to the hoop side, Coach, where your progressive methods will truly be appreciated.