Big Dance South: It's Clang-a-thon Central

Published on 28-Mar-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Big Dance South: It's Clang-a-thon Central

Sharpshooters from four elite teams don't all just lose their touch in one day.

And when the long-range bombers for Gonzaga, UCLA, Duke, and Utah found more iron than twine on a regular basis in the Houston Texans' home digs, it was a case of history repeating itself.

As in the 2011 championship game held in this very venue. Heed the stats and scoreline:

Domes can truly suck. Toss in the hard rims that seem to be a Big Dance staple in non-hoop facilities, and expect the winning teams to be those who are versatile, like having a strong inside game. Kinda like Duke and Gonzaga:

And when a rare trey did get popped, it was cause for celebration. But look what happened when the Blue Devils' Justise Winslow tried to turn his feat into a national holiday:

So, looks like the Final Four's entrant from the South bracket will be down to the bigs and tenacious D:

But not this Tenacious D: