Beaver AD Votes Obama's Bro-in-Law Out of Office

Published on 5-May-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Beaver AD Votes Obama's Bro-in-Law Out of Office

So much for exit polling.

Oregon State athletic director Bob de Carolis confirmed to edgy Beaver believers that he and hoops honcho Craig Robinson conducted their post-season evaluation and were still on the same page.

However, as they so often say in the nation's capital, de Carolis now wishes much of that document could be redacted. Because today, for all intents and purposes, he just redacted Robinson.

Ironically, the player who could have been the key to saving his job was Eric Moreland, who lost this past non-con season because Robinson suspended him. A coach has gotta do what a coach has gotta do, but the move crippled Oregon State's inside abilities.

However, Moreland had electrifying natural talent that never came close to being realized with the Beavers, glimpses of which can be seen in this season-ticket drive promotional video:

A shot blocker every bit as strong as Arizona State's Jordan Bachynski, the Beaver junior now hopes to join the Sun Devil senior in the NBA.

He's part of a wholesale exodus due to graduation and pro aspirations that has left Oregon State with only one roster player -- guard Langston Morris-Walker -- who's averaged double-figure minutes. That had been seen as a good news-bad news scenario, as the Beavers' 16-16 record was considered to be a gross underachievement.

So now, the only time anyone will see the Beavs visiting the White House will be in reruns.