Baylor Bear Pwns a Media Idiot

Published on 23-Mar-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Baylor Bear Pwns a Media Idiot

It's true.

There are no stupid questions.
Just stupid people who do the asking.

The Baylor Bears were consumed by the Madness of March last week, losing to 12-seed Yale in a rather significant NCAA tournament upset.

As you would imagine, the Bears were not in the best of spirits afterward, with their Big Dance dreams dashed.

One player in particular, senior Taurean Prince, was in no mood to be trifled with by the uncaring media horde.

During the gauntlet of questions, one reporter seemed incredulous as to how Ivy League Yale could possibly outrebound the larger team from the power conference. What's more, dude posed his question in a rather condescending way.

What followed is a brilliant piece of sarcasm:

That was well played.

It's unclear if this reporter was trying to push buttons or antagonize the players, but the sneering tone was unmistakable.

In many instances, the media is allowed to get away with asking such inane questions. This time though, Prince struck a blow for athletes, both collegiate and professional, by dismissing this loaded question with extreme malice.


Could Prince have taken the high road here? Absolutely.

However, we would all be poorer for having been denied the gift of derision.

Bad luck when you think

Also, we wouldn't fully comprehend the proper mechanics of a basketball rebound.