Angry White Dude: I Don't Wanna Know What You Woulda Done

Published on 8-Apr-2016 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: I Don't Wanna Know What You Woulda Done

It's taken me a few days to get over the head rush, but here I am.

Man, what a game!

A three at the buzzer wins the NCAA title for the Wildcats.  

Now, that's how to end what was certainly a great NCAA Tournament!

Well, it was great unless you're Michigan State, Oklahoma, Duke, Kentucky, or Indiana.  

Well, wait. Indiana beat Kentucky, so to them, that's like winning the NCAA title.

So many defining moments, but you know me. There's got to be something that gets under my skin.

It started almost as soon as the title game was over.  

Multiple people telling what Coach Williams should have done or what he could have done, and even worse, what they would have done!  


Yo, media dudes! Do you think that we care what you think a coach should do in certain situation?

It's always these damn sports show hosts. Always second-guessing and playing Monday morning quarterback. Always quick with negative comments.

Hey, show hosts! How many games have you coached in NCAA tournament?

Oh, I see: zero!

So because you sit on your azz everyday and talk about sports, you feel the need to inform us what you would've done and when you would have called a time out or whatever.  

You think you're more knowledgeable about situational basketball than a coach who earns his living working his behind off every day teaching, coaching, and developing young athletes while you polish a chair for a few hours a day, pretending to be a know it all?  

News flash: You don't know squat!

There are others.

Oh yes, my fellow sports observers, let's not forget the former coaches. They have every single answer, don't they?  

  • They're undefeated sitting in that studio;
  • They all know what play to call or what defense to run;
  • They know the exact moment to call  time out; and
  • They also know the player who's going to make the big shot in every big game.  

What a big crock! Dudes are former coaches for a reason.

  • They stink as coaches.  
  • They didn't win, so they got fired!
  • They  broke NCAA rules. 

Most of them are like vultures, circling the studio waiting to get another chance when another coach who stinks gets fired.  

It sure is  easy to say what you would've done when a current coach's strategy fails. Just do us all a favor and go away. Coach an AAU team or something.

In the end, the Villanova win was a godsend for the big shots in the NCAA.

North Carolina came in second, and it's going to be a lot easier to take a away that NCAA Runner Up banner than it would've been to erase an NCAA title team.

With probation lurking around the corner for The Tar Heels, I'm sure that every show host and former coach is ready to tell you how they would have avoided probation!

Stay tuned  for the next story.  The baseball season is almost a week old, and I have 10,000 people telling me who they think will will the World Series.  

I swear, it never freaking ends, people!