Allen Returns After 'Indefinite' Suspension

Published on 5-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Allen Returns After 'Indefinite' Suspension

College plays an important role in a youth’s development.

Like providing them with technical knowledge about their future careers.

But it’s also about something greater.

Like doing it's bit in building high-character individuals.  

Then again, having a good sports team is also nice.

Duke’s star player, Grayson Allen, is infamous in college basketball for his questionable character on the court.

Dude's tripped players not once, not twice, but three times in his college career.

His most recent incident occurred against Elon. Allen appeared to kick an Elon player driving to the basket and was subsquently given a tech by the refs.

Instead of apologizing to the player, Allen instead threw a hissy fit on the bench.

Apparently for Coach Kryzyweski, the third time was the charm, as the longtime Blue Devil honcho handed Allen an indefinite suspension. In addition to this, Coach K stripped Allen of his team captain title.

Allen had gotten away with playing dirty for far too long and needed to be shown that his actions have consequences. It's one thing to be a competitor, but quite another to put other players at risk of injury due to dangerous actions.

One woulda thought an indefinite suspension would give Allen time to ponder what hed done. A month’s worth of time for self-improvement, perhaps.

But who are we kidding?

This is college basketball, and there's an ACC conference to be won.

After missing only a single game -- the Dookies got smacked, 89-75, in their ACC opener against Virginia Tech -- Allen was conveniently reinstated by Coach K.

Did Allen mature within that one game’s worth of time? Possibly.

Then again, 0-1 without the tripmeister was an ominous sign, what with Krzyzewski due to miss a few games himself due to back surgery.

The Blue Devils then nuked Georige Tech, 110-57, with Allen dropping in 15.

So, upon further review, what are a few opponent floorburns, anyway?

You know the old saying:

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me three times, what the hell. Good game.