Young Timberwolves Slowly Killing Tom Thibodeau

Published on 25-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Young Timberwolves Slowly Killing Tom Thibodeau

The Minnesota Timberwolves were a trendy breakout pick by many talking heads before the season.

While they've struggled with a 4-9 record out of the gate, there's still an abundance of young talent on this team that will only get better.

However, despite this optimism, head coach Tom Thibodeau may not physically or emotionally survive his first season in the Twin Cities.

Thibodeau is considered by those in the know as one of the leading defensive minds in the NBA. His focus on defense and discipline is unrivaled, bordering on the psychotic.

Unfortunately for Thibodeau, the young T-Wolves lack the discipline to play even mediocre defense at the moment, and this is driving him quite mad.

As you can see, dude will sometimes break into a defensive posture on the sidelines, hoping his inexperienced team will follow his crazed lead.

Coach Thibs spent five successful seasons in Chicago, leading the Bulls to first- or second-place division finishes each year. 

However, he really sorta peaked that first year with the Bulls, winning 62 games and reaching the Eastern Conference Finals.

It would never get that good again, and Thibodeau eventually wore out his welcome with both the team and the front office.

Here's the coach back in the day with some of his patented sideline performance art:

His coaching acumen is beyond reproach, but those people skills leave something to be desired.

The Timberwolves are going to be very good at some point in the near future.

However, please keep in mind that Coach Thibs dies a little inside after each defensive breakdown.