Westbrook Returns to OKC Lineup

Published on 4-Nov-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Westbrook Returns to OKC Lineup

Thunder fans had been speculating when Russell Westbrook would return to action.

Word was their star point guard would return for the second half of the season, if then, after suffering a meniscus tear that, for all intents and purposes, also cut short Oklahoma City's run in the playoffs last spring.

So it was a definite surprise to see the flashy guard in the starting lineup for the Thunder's home opener last Thursday, which was only the team's third game of the new campaign. Considering his injury and all that had to go in the recovery process, nobody but Westbrook expected this.

What is certain is NBA and Thunder fans wil be expecting more if this:

And the league will once again be left to wonder if Westbrook's fashion guru is none other than hockey curmudgeon Don Cherry:

don cherry suit coats

The only thing their outfits are missing is a volume knob.

And with Westbrook's return, the volume at Chesapeake Energy Arena will also be back to full blast.