Westbrook Laughs Off Durant

Published on 29-Jul-2016 by Swami Brown

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Westbrook Laughs Off Durant

The NBA's obvious top headline this off-season was the Oklahoma City Thunder losing Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors via free agency.

To no one's surprise, it struck the locals like lightning.

Russell Westbrook, though, seems to have gotten over it.

Recently, dude was spotted by a fan and asked about how he felt about Durant's departure.

For some reason, it seems like he secretly feels like this on the inside:

The Clappers were already going to look like a new team next year after trading away Serge Ibaka on draft night. Now, of course, with Durant out of the weather report, Oklahoma City is now the City of Westbrook.

Well ... maybe.

With the loss of one megastar, it's now up to the Brookster whether he wants to stay in Oklahoma City after next season or sign elsewhere once the 2017 off-season begins.

I'm sure NBA general managers are drooling over the possibility of trading for him or, more likely, enticing him to sign.

After all, what NBA team wouldn't want Russell Westbrook?

There are very few players in the league who can dominate on a court the way he can.

One thing's for certain: the Warriors-Thunder games next season will be some of the most interesting to watch, right up there with Bulls-Heat.

And the smell of burning Durant jerseys still fills the air.

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