Westbrook Gets Loads of Money

Published on 4-Aug-2016 by Swami Brown

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Westbrook Gets Loads of Money

One of the NBA's top stars just got that shot at the lifetime security thing.

No, it isn't LeBron James.

Not yet at least.

Frankly, that dude's working on the good life for his heirs five generations down the line.

Burn that in your memory, the future LeBron James VI.

On this day, though, the headlines and power go to that GQ-on-LSD fashion master himself: Russell Westbrook. 

Dude got himself a 3-year, $85million extension with the Thunder. Not to mention, the deal has a player option for his third year, so if OKC hasn't figured it out or traded him by then, he can say adios to the Clapper faithful and take his talents to South Beach ...

Or wherever he damn well feels.

Westbrook is coming off his best season as a pro and should've commanded no less than what he got in his extension.

He's a difference maker on the court, showing flashes of MVP-like greatness. Dude's now got mega-millions numbers under his belt, logging 77 games with totals like these::

  • Scoring at least 20 points,
  • Dishing at least 10 assists, and
  • Grabbing 5 rebounds.

Even more importantly, his loyalty to the organization that drafted him speaks volumes about his character and his intentions to bring the Clappers a title.

What can be argued is how this team will fare without fellow superstar Kevin Durant.

With all that newfound dosh lining Westbrook's pockets, its hard to see him staying upset about Durant no longer being his teammate.

There's no doubt this is now his team and that their success fully rests on his shoulders. This is no longer a new situation to the elite-level Westbrook, as he had to step up for a Thunder team that badly missed Durant during the 2014-2015 season.

What with the fickle developments in pro sports, dude might well be paired with another megastar before he knows it!

And he'll no doubt continue to have befuddled observers wonder how many curtains had to die to make his outfits.

Well, at least the Internet loves it.