Warriors Stop Spurs' Home Streak, Tie Bulls with 72 Wins

Published on 11-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Warriors Stop Spurs' Home Streak, Tie Bulls with 72 Wins

Who knows if Tim Duncan woulda made a difference?

And right now, who cares?

The San Antonio Spurs' 40-year-old pivot only logged 19 minutes three nights ago in Oakland, and it's not up to Golden State to pick their opponents.

And streaks with long titles like unbeaten at home in the regular season start to broach the realm of red-headed stepchild records. Nobody cares about those, either.

Including Gregg Popovich.

Damn. Sometimes, it looks like the rock is Curry's own personal drone.

That was for starters.

When all was said and done, Curry racked up 37 points on 59% shooting.

Warriors win 72nd game

The Dubs' success involves much more than Curry, of course.

If one pure shooter was all it took to win titles, the late Pete Maravich woulda had trouble raising his hand, what with all the rings.

But still.

Lost in the hoopla is the fact that this is Golden State's first victory in San Antonio since 1997. Latrell Sprewell popped for 32 that night, and David Robinson was out. Tim Duncan was wrapping up at Wake Forest.

It was also one year removed from the Chicago Bulls' 72-win season, when Steve Kerr was chipping in 8 points a game in support of another offensive dynamo:

After tuning up with two more wins, the Bulls obviously got that championship.

The Warriors will be setting their sights on another crown soon enough. Next up, though, will be must-see TV on Wed 13 Apr.

That'll be Golden State's 41st home game. Oklahoma City may be visiting, but its the hometown fans who will be providing the Thunder.