Warriors Costing Cavs On and Off the Court

Published on 6-Jun-2016 by CJ

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Warriors Costing Cavs On and Off the Court

What's passing for the NBA Finals rematch between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers is finally underway.

For the first two games, it seems the Cavs can't catch a break both on court and off,

The Dubs began as the favorites and have expanded on that exponentially. It's ever more clear why they finished with the best regular season record in NBA history, as their 73-9 record surpassed the 1995-96 Jordan Bulls' previous record of 72 wins.

While the Warriors entered the finals as the most decorated club, the Cavs came in with the most change.

Last post-season, Cleveland didn't have Kevin Love in the first round, as well as point guard Kyrie Irving after Game 1.

Then there's the whole issue of the Cavs firing David Blatt when the they were still in first place.

Someone's hand-picked replacement -- Tyronn Lue -- has done a fair job in his role. Dude's been able to better integrate Love into the offense, as well as earn a certain someone's respect, something pundits say Blatt never fully earned.

Game 1 saw the Warriors' bench mob step up where the Splash Brothers fell short, as Golden State’s 45 subs' points propelled the Dubs to a 104-89 victory.

On the court, the Cavs were not only unhappy with their inability to steal Game 1 on the road, their frustrations were also subjected to a bit of foul pay -- as it were -- off the court.

Apparently, a few Cavs were upset with the $1300 price tag the Warriors placed on seats for their loved ones at Oracle Arena.

Sources say that the hefty price tag was nearly double what prices were last NBA finals.

Dubs officials dismissed the accusations, saying prices are going up for everyone. That's the nature of the market.

Are the Warriors playing some sort of mind games with the Cavs players?

Or is this just another example of another sports team milking paying customers for every last cent?

Knowing both how competitive teams, are as well as how cheap teams are, it’s most likely a bit of both.