Ty Lawson's Cup Spilleth Over

Published on 19-Jul-2015 by Towner Park

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Ty Lawson's Cup Spilleth Over

If only he had thought to pay for cab fare.

Ty Lawson is a repeat offender, dudes and dudettes.

This past Thursday, Mr Lawson was taken into custody for another DUI.

Spoiler Alert: It's not his only one this year.

The Denver Nuggets' savvy point guard apparently doesn't understand that drinking and driving equates to jail time, costly fines, and a hit to your character.

Most importantly, it's blatantly stupid.

The good news: Ty Lawson is seeking professional help. He recently entered a rehabilitation center to curb his drinking problem. Two driving-under-the-influence convictions in one year certainly suggests you may have one.

It astounds me that Lawson didn't consider public transportation or even a private car service for his travels. He can certainly afford the hit financially. And it's worth it.

I'm not going blame anyone for drinking responsibly. Alcohol, when consumed moderately, has its upsides.

It's that excess drinking that gets you every time.

Recall those mornings when the world seems to be sitting on your shoulders and you can't seem to find that elusive bottle of Tylenol?

Yes, I do.

Teddy sitting on car drinking beerBut it's the people who think that the combine alcohol with motor vehicles or really, anything mechanical, that drive me nuts.

A simple call for a taxi is the most responsible thing you can do unless you sit at home and consume your tasty beverages. I'm a big believer in at home consumption.

It's a life saver, believe me. Not only can it save you money and legal headaches, it could also prevent a tragic accident from happening.

Drink responsibly. I wish Ty Lawson the best. Not only are teams interested in his services, but they also want to him to take care of himself. An inebriated point guard can't command the offense.

Unless you're Allen Iverson.