Too Soon to Criticize Brooklyn

Published on 19-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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Too Soon to Criticize Brooklyn

Here are four emphatic reasons why it's 'way too soon to criticize the Brooklyn Nets:

The prognosticators, NBA analysts, and devout Brooklyn fanatics need too calm down and stop placing so much pressure and criticism on the Brooklyn Nets.

It's too early in this rigorous, 82-game season to push the alarm button. With so many new variables in place, Brooklyn needs to time to bond both on and off the hardwood.

Obviously, this chemistry has yet to be concocted, given the 3-7 start. Yes, it seems as though Brooklyn's style of play is all over the place, similar to any sequence in the movie, Requiem For a Dream.

There are looming questions concerning the qualifications of Jason Kidd as head coach. Yes, he's inexperienced, but he's a proven on-court general who showcased a high level of leadership for the bulk of his playing career as a point guard. The Nets organization obviously knew this upon hiring him and knew the level of risk that they were assuming.

With two proven leaders in the lockeroom -- Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce -- the Nets have the leadership on the floor they've lacked in recent years. Joe Johnson is 'way too laid back to step up, and Deron Williams is 'way too inconsistent to push his team on a night-in, night-out basis.

My advice is, don't discount the Brooklyn Nets just yet. Their owner decided to put all of his hoops biz eggs in one basket and as of right now, his eggs may be cracking but haven't broken.

Few good teams are formed overnight, even with a plethora of All-Stars on the squad. It takes time to develop cohesiveness and trust. While those traits nurture -- if they nurture -- the Nets have enough firepower to stay relevant and redefine this season.

Trust me, I foresee the Nets challenging the mighty Heat, Pacers, and Bulls come playoff time.