Tonight! Play FanDuel's NBA Tuesday Slam

Published on 2-Dec-2014 by The Dudes

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Tonight! Play FanDuel's NBA Tuesday Slam

Kevin Durant returns to NBA action tonight.

No doubt, he's got so much point production stored up since his absence, he'll singe twine in New Orleans to the everlasting delight of hoops fantasy players everywhere.

But there's something better than everlasting delight. Like instant gratification.

And that's what can happen with FanDuel's $200,000 Tuesday NBA Slam.

But, wait! Maybe the strategy tonight will be to capitalize on everyone else playing Durant while you go in another direction.

Whatever. With FanDuel and any other fantasy pool, you're the GM. And when your team wins, you cash in!

  • Again, tonight's pool is $200,000;
  • The entry fee is $25; and
  • The payout is immediate.

You've still got time to file an entry. You could use some extra dosh for the holidays. So get in the game and be glad you did!