Tim Duncan's Ex Claims He Is Gay

Published on 21-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Tim Duncan's Ex Claims He Is Gay

Tim Duncan's offseason just got worse.

After blowing a chance to take down the Miami Heat during the NBA Finals, Duncan's now his private life is making headlines.

Duncan is going through a divorce, which just escalated from ugly to nasty. His soon-to-be ex, Amy, says that Duncan has a gay lover who at one point lived with the couple for years.


Reports are this rumor came about because his wife was cheating on him, so I guess she's getting sordid to either obfuscate or justify her behavior. Whatever works to keep the alimony high, I guess.

Frankly, Tim Duncan is so quiet, I didn't even know he had a wife until someone mentioned his divorce. That's how private this dude is. 

My question to Mrs Duncan would be this: If your husband is gay, why stay with him as long as you did? Obviously, the money is good, but it is so good that you would put up with a husband who you've accused of sleeping with other men?

Duncan hasn't said a word yet about this situation, but I'm sure this is not the end of it; not by a long shot.