Thunder Lower the Boom on Spurs

Published on 13-May-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Thunder Lower the Boom on Spurs

So, there Gregg Popovich & Co were, fresh from a Game 1 beatdown of Oklahoma City and a poorly-called last minute that highlighted Game 2.

The Spurs are too experienced to have been angling for a series with the Warriors, but they're not so seasoned to grasp that they blew it.

More accurately, rookie Billy Donovan outcoached old sage Pop the entire series, including the Game 6 clincher:

Popovich said that, early in the game, he saw what everyone else did:

Word economy at its finest. The Ramones would be proud.

As to coaching acumen, it was a telltale sign that Popovich was too mechanical in this series. Either what had worked all these years was gonna work again or it wasn't.

Nietzsche would be proud.

Donovan's adjustments could be termed as variations on a theme.

He made subtle changes from game to game, the most prominent of which was concentrating on defense against LeMarcus Aldrige, which made hella sense after dude's 38-point effort in Game 1:

  • Thunder bigs stuck to and/or reacted to him like glue,
  • Baseline double-teams on him were deployed, and
  • His pump fakes were ignored.

There was this, too:

And Pop watched it all happen.

This series may have ended due to lack of interest.