The Week 1 Over-Analyzation: Prologue

Published on 6-Nov-2014 by Colin Chiles

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The Week 1 Over-Analyzation: Prologue

Consumers of mainstream sports media are often critical of ESPN and other major broadcasts when they make projections about a player, a team or a league one week in.

What consumers of mainstream media fail to recognize is that they still consume this media, just like any other week.

What else are they supposed to talk about one week in? Sports media is largely a react and project business.

For example, consider the NFL's Week 1 hand-wringing:

The Packers were demolished Week 1 against the Seahawks because they failed to even attempt a throw to the right side of the field. Should the Packers be in panic mode?

Talk that week was about how the Seahawks are picking up right where they left off, that they're beginning their long march to the Super Bowl, and that maybe the Packers should be worried about the coming season.

Now? Both teams have very different outlooks. In a few weeks, it could be reversed again.

The lesson in this? No one can predict the future all the time. But whether we'd like to admit it or not, we eat up those type of projections week in and week out.

On that note, I bring you into my Week 1 Over-Analysis article, where I take a quick snapshot of the NBA and give you my thoughts on the season thus far. Such as it is.

I’m likely going to be wrong about a great many things, because we’re in the realm of small sample-size theatre. But, like as not, hoop fans will read this article just like any other, because we love projections. We love to talk about what might be and pretend we actually know.

Since life got in the way of my proposed pre-season review of each NBA team, I plan to bring you my thoughts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on the season's comings and goings, the teams in the spotlight that week, and hopefully, I’ll bring a unique analysis you won’t seen elsewhere.

I’ll try and touch on the spotlight as well as the lowlight, because sometimes, I think I enjoy the teams that are struggling just as much as I enjoy the teams that are winning.

So, without further ado, be prepared for a weekly NBA snapshot where I note the players, teams, and storylines that feature prominently of the impressively long NBA season.