The Thighs Have It: English Puts His Daisies on eBay

Published on 25-Apr-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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The Thighs Have It: English Puts His Daisies on eBay
What can you buy for $302.03 these days
An iPod Touch?
A Kindle Fire?
Dr Dré Beats headphones?
A designer handbag?
How about a pair of game-worn Daisy Dukes worn in the mid-80's?
Well if you're lucky, any of the above could be yours. A pair of shorts worn by Denver Nugget star Alex English are up for auction on eBay. If you happen to be a Nuggets fan, then this maybe an awesome deal for you.  
Getting your hands on these shorts seems a little strange to me. What are you going to do with them? It's not like you'd want to display these rainbow-colored trunks the size of a Speedo hanging on the wall. There's no name visible on them, so then comes the conversation you're going to have with every visitor who comes around. Can you imagine trying to explain that those are not your four-year-old's swimming trunks?  
If you're interested and are worried about the shorts being gone before your next paycheck, have no fear.  The auction is open for almost another month. But in this economy, I'm sure there's a better use of your funds than a pair of old hip-huggers.
But, if fashion trends are cyclical, here's your chance to get out ahead of the trend!

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