The Shot Dude: NBA Player Predictions

Published on 5-Feb-2016 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: NBA Player Predictions

A daily goal of mine is to always improve on what I wrote last.

Your favorite Shot Dude is making a habit of prognostication for this Friday.

If you're a multi-sports fan -- and I think you are -- I did the same thing with the NHL today, and now I'm setting my dudely sights on the NBA.

To continue on today's trail of predictions, there are 10 NBA games to analyze. You can peruse all of today's hoop matchups with the help of the Bovada data tool located on our Home page:

Bovada NBA

FanDuel always stays busy creating great fantasy games for us, so get on board their train to Winsville!

Now, on to the NBA player projections:

Point Guards

Donald SloanBrooklyn ($4400) ... has exceeded fantasy value in 6 of his last 10 games. Dude has a great home court matchup, facing Sacramento. The Kings are 26th in the league against opposing point guards. Keeping in mind we look for a player to score five times his salary to make value, I think Sloan just misses tonight but tallies 21.8 fantasy points. That'll help you pay up for higher-scoring players elsewhere.

Emmanuel MudiayDenver ($5100) ... missed making his fantasy mark in his last two games, but surpassed value in 5 of his last 9. Mudiay will also enjoy home court and a generous defensive opponent tonight. The Nuggies host Chicago, who's 25th in the NBA when it comes to defending point guards. I look for Mudiay to get  27.4  fantasy points, pacing Denver to an upset win.

Shooting Guards

Wayne EllingtonBrooklyn ($3900) ... like Sloan, has the level of salary that will allow roster flexibility without giving up scoring. After all, dude's played 30 or more minutes in 4 of his last 5 and beat his fantasy value in three of those games. Since the Kings are even worse defensively against shooting guards than points guards, I like Ellington to score 19.8 on FanDuel tonight.

Dwayne WadeMiami ($7800) ... launches just under 16 shots a game on average and always seems make or be close to fantasy value every night. Dude's surpassed his number in 4 of his last 6 and has another chance tonight against Charlotte. The Hornets play average defense (15th) against opposing shooting guards, and since Wade is on the road, I think he'll tally 33.4 points tonight.

Small Forwards

Gordon HaywardUtah ($8100) ...averages 15 shots per game but does have a value of over 40 fantasy points to meet. Hayward will play on his home floor against a struggling Milwaukee team that's lost four consecutive games, and only has 7 road victories this season. The Bucks' defense against small forwards is currently 26th, so I predict Hayward's fantasy score will be 38.8.

Paul GeorgeIndiana ($8300) ... has an even higher fantasy value to make than Hayward in his game at Atlanta tonight. Dude attempts 18 shots/game and is the floor leader for the Pacers, so he always has a chance to exceed his value. With Indiana on the road and the Hawks coming in at 14th defensively against small forwards, I think George misses making value but still adds 37.9 points to your lineup.

Power Forwards

Myles TurnerIndiana ($5600) ... is one reason George hasn't had to carry the burden alone this season. Dude's been a force inside while frequently going above and beyond fantasy value as in 5 of his last 7 games. Playing the Atlanta Hawks defense that ranks 13th against power forwards might just be the stiffest test so far for Turner, so I place him at 27.1 fantasy points for the evening.

Paul MillsapAtlanta ($7800) ... launches just under 13 shots/game. Millsap hasn't made fantasy value in four straight games and will most likely be under-owned. What catches my eye is he exceeded value in five consecutive games prior to this poor stretch. Dude will get home court advantage against the Pacers, who are currently 12th against opposing power forwards. I like him to get 35.9 fantasy points tonight.


Pau GasolChicago ($8200) ... just amassed three straight games of 35-36 fantasy points. Dude had three consecutive games prior to that at 44 and above. There's a chance Pau and Jimmy Butler might sit this one out due to nagging injuries, so confirm this one closer to game time. I think Gasol not only plays, but shoulders the scoring load. I say he gets back to 42.2 fantasy points against a porous Denver defense that ranks 22nd against centers. 

Your favorite Shot Dude has one last prediction ... you will win some always-welcome cash.

FanDuel scorecard

Just like your dribbling heroes, always give it your best shot!

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