The Shot Dude: Hoopin' it Up

Published on 9-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Hoopin' it Up

A leopard can't change it's spots, right?

Maybe not, but a Shot Dude can change his sports!

With only one NHL game scheduled, I'll give you some winning NBA plays on FanDuel instead, just so your week doesn't get off to a boring start.

You can check out the seven-game NBA slate with the help of the Bovada data tool on our Home page:

NBA schedule 9 nov 2015

As with my NHL recommendations, I plan on suggesting the NBA players who love to launch and thus give you a hoopilicious winning day. FanDuel pricing is included at no additional charge!

Point Guards

Damian Lillard, Portland ($8900) ... has averaged 20.4 shots per game this year. He is a bargain compared to Stephen Curry, as Curry shoots just a bit less but is 2k more on FD. Lillard's 7.3 assists per game doesn't hurt either. I'm am not scared enough that Portland played yesterday because it is still early enough in the season and players should still have their legs on back-to-back nights.

CJ McCollum, Portland ($6600) ... has averaged 17.9 shots pergame this year. I know, two guys from the same team? McCollum gets it done in other areas besides scoring. He also snags over 4 rebounds and 3 assists per game and will not kill your salary cap at $6600. Lillard and McCollum excite me tonight because not only is Portland scoring over 103 pts. per game, Denver ranks 8th worst in the league in points allowed.

Shooting Guards

Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, Detroit ($5000) ... dude's shooting at a 43.3% clip, which is the best he's ever done. And with 37.8 minutes per game logged, he's averaging 14.6 points per game.

Evan Fournier, Orlando ($5400) ... the Magic are watching him hoist 15.3 shots per game and lately, he's connected enough to average 21.3 points in his last six. He'll grab 4-5 boards a game, as well.

Quick Forwards

Paul George, Indiana ($8500) ... dude's still playing, so I thought I'd go to the Old School classification for this position in his honor. Besides, quick sounds more accurate than small these days. Anyway, he's hot right now, coming off back-to-back 30-point performances in his last two games. Time to ride him hard and put him away wet.

Harrison Barnes, Golden State ($5300) ... if it's garbage time, here's your collector. But hell, points are points, and he's averaging 12.8 of them every night on 48.3% shooting and, impressively, 94.1% from the line.

Power Forwards

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers ($10,200) ...damn, the next thing you know, I'll be calling for everyone to go back to Daisy Dukes! Still, Griffin will come up strong no matter what the hemline. He's averaged 19.5 shots per game this year. Traditionally, Memphis has a tough defense, but so far this season, they've been mediocre, allowing almost 102 points per game.

Griffin's been on fire, making almost 60% of his shots and adding 9.7 rebounds a game. While some fantasy players might be scared away by his high price and the Grizzlies' defensive reputation, you'll be sitting pretty when this dude goes off.

Marcus Morris, Detroit ($5800) ... has averaged 14.5 shots per game this year. Dude offers value at only $5800 and provides 6.5 rebounds plus a steal per game. In his last 10 games, Morris has only failed to reach at least 20 fantasy points on FanDuel once and has topped 30 fantasy points four times. This can be attributed to his minues: 35 or more for six straight games.


Jahlil Okafor, Philadelphia ($5900) ... has averaged 15.5 shots per game this year and gets to face that soft Chicago interior tonight. Besides his scoring, Okafor has also added 5.5 rebounds and a block a per game. I really like his chances for at least a double-double, due to his getting at least 30 minutes of floor time in the last six games for the 76ers. 

If your Shot Dude had one wish, it would be that all your jump shots go swish.

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