The Shot Dude: Hoop Dreams

Published on 29-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Hoop Dreams

I had a dream last night, and although it's still a bit fuzzy, the gist of it was that Sunday will be a winning NBA fantasy day.

Let's see if your favorite Shot Dude can make a few of your dreams come true, too.

I'm back with more than a few lineup suggestions to aid you in creating a winning fantasy NBA lineup.

You can view the entire NBA schedule using the easy Bovada data tool located on our Home page:

Bovada NBA schedule 29 Nov 2015

The six evening games will be the focus here, and FanDuel prices will be included as usual. 

Point Guards

Kyle Lowry, Toronto ($8600) ... averages over 15 shots and almost 21 points each game. Dude's been at 40 fantasy points or more in 8 of his last 10 games. Today's pairing with Portland has one of the highest totals at 205, and Portland ranks 22 in defense against opposing point guards.

Isaiah Thomas, Boston ($7300) ... averages almost 17 shots resulting in a scoring average of 21.2 points a agme. This diminuative guard has scored at least 31 fantasy points in 8 of his last 10. Boston's game against Orlando has a healthy total of 202 points. Thomas has a chance to explode today due to the Magic's pourous defense versuson point guards, which ranks 27th in the league.

Shooting Guards

James Harden, Houston ($10,700) ... is the only player with a five-figure salary in this FanDuel set, but with good reason. Harden ranks first in NBA-land with a shot average of 20.9 per game. His scoring average is over 30 points, which is second only to Stephen Curry. Dude's scored at least 54 fantasy points in 4 of his last 5 games. Today's opponent -- the New York Knicks -- are ranked 18th in defending visiting shooting guards.

Joe Johnson, Brooklyn ($6000) ... has just the matchup for a breakout game. Brooklyn is hosting the Detroit Pistons, who rank 17th in defending shooting guards. Call it a hunch, but even though Johnson has had quiet fantasy numbers lately, your favorite Shot Dude thinks Joe finds an extra gear and speeds off with a big fantasy game performance against the Pistons.

Pistons v Rockets

Small Forwards

Paul George, Indiana ($9900) ... has been on fire and gets the friendliest of all fantasy matchups today. The Pacers travel to battle the Lakers, who rank 21st in defense against shooting guards. The game total is over 200, plus it should stay close enough for George to still be on the floor in the fourth quarter, being in Los Angeles. George's fantasy scoring floor is at 40, and his ceiling is at least 65 in a matchup this good.

Jeff Green, Memphis ($4800) ... has seen consistent floor time, playing at least 30 minutes in 6 of his last 8 games. This has led to solid fantasy performances and can be attributed to Green starting and playing multiple positions due to other injured Grizzlies. Today's foe -- Philadelphia -- is ranked 29th defensively to the small forwards they face, which means the prospects to excel for Green is high.  Speaking of ...

Power Forwards

Jerami Grant, Philadelphia ($4600) ... will face a tough Memphis squad today, but your favorite Shot Dude may have found a matchup to exploit anyway. Even though the Griz defense has been stout this year, the one position they struggle against has been power forwards. Memphis is ranked 23rd against them, and Grant has seen at least 30 minutes of court time in 3 of his last 4 games.

Lavoy Allen, Indiana ($4000) ... is another value player who can be used to exploit the Lakers' defensive woes. Dude's scored 20 or more fantasy points in 3 of 4 games, and the Lakers rank 25th against power forwards so far this year. Allen's best game was against Chicago on Friday when he registered a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds.


Bismack Biyombo, Toronto ($3600) ... might be a hazy name to you, but Raptors fans are getting to know him well. Since starting center Jonas Valenciunas went down to injury, Biyombo has responded with 3 games of 30 minutes' court time and over 21 fantasy points. He registered 16 rebounds and 4 blocks in his last game alone! This is excellent fantasy production for next to a minimum salary.

Your favorite Shot Dude wishes you nothing but sweet dreams of winning. Let's let your fantasy opponents experience the nightmares.

FanDuel scorecard

Remember that as in life, you cannot score unless you give it your best Shot!

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