The Shot Dude: 7&7 Monday, Part 2: NBA

Published on 23-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: 7&7 Monday, Part 2: NBA

Judging from the title of  today's article, you might think your favorite Shot Dude is still at a weekend party.

That's just not true.

The NHL and NBA were thoughtful enough to schedule seven games each today.

Since this coincidence seems lucky, we'll roll with it and do things a bit differently today. That includes showing you another feature found on the Bovada data tool for every game. Here's what a Supergrid section looks like on our Home page:

Bovada NBA supergrid

I have a pair of articles for you to view. They'll cover my FanDuel picks for both NHL and NBA, with prices included. I'll then give you the short version of why you should consider these players for you lineup.

Point Guards

Rajon Rondo, Sacramento ($8000) ... averages 12.6 points on 12.7 shots per game. His hustle statistics are impressive, with averages of 7.6 rebounds, 10.1 assists, and 2 steals each game. Rondo has played 40 minutes or more in 7 of his last 8!

Matthew Dellavedova, Cleveland ($4200) ... may have short-lived value, but you can count on him filling in for injured Mo Williams again tonight. In the last 2 games, dude's used those starter's minutes to exceed 20 fantasy points both times.

Shooting Guards

Evan Fournier, Orlando ($5900) ... has a hard-to-believe has a salary -- under $6000 -- for all he does on the court. Fournier has played 40 or more minutes in 6 of his last 10 games. He also has 30 or more fantasy points in 6 of his last 10, plus 3 steals in each of his last two.

Danny Green, San Antonio ($4100) ... is your Shot Dude's hunch-value player of the night. Green is getting extra minutes due to an injury to Manu Ginobili. I think he'll get over 30 minutes tonight and hit aroundfive times value with 20-22 fantasy points.

Small Forwards

Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio ($8500) ... seems to produce without fail every night. He averages 21.3 real-life points on 16.9 shots taken per game. When you factor in over 7 boards, almost 2 steals and a block per game, you can see how Leonard makes my cut.

Robert Covington, Philadelphia ($5600) ... has recently worked his way into big minutes for the 76ers. He missed 9 games due to a knee injury. Covington's last game was an impressive 21-point, 32-minute gem that netted his users 33.2 fantasy points. 

Power Forwards

Derrick Favors, Utah ($8100) ... gets 12.5 shots off per game, resulting in a 16.2 point average. He's been a very reliable fantasy point scorer all-season and even had over 60 against.Miami just 10 days ago. He's FanDuel's most expensive at his position, but I think he's worth it tonight in an up-tempo game with the Thunder.

Chris Bosh, Miami ($8100) ... is the same price as Bosh, but you can afford him by using your Shot Dude's value players. In 6 of Bosh's last 10, he's exceeded at least 33 minutes and 36 fantasy points. Bosh and the Heat have a home date with the defensively challenged Knicks tonight.


Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota ($7200) ... is a rookie with statistics very similar to Favors and Bosh but at a $900 savings. Towns has scored right at 33 fantasy points or higher in 6 of his last 10 games. The Timberwolves are home to Philadelphia, who rank 29th-worst in the NBA in scoring defense against centers. 

FanDuel scorecard

Feel free to check out the NHL section to take a shot at the NHL pool!

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