The People's Code: NBA Fans to Issue Warnings to Bad Teams

Published on 6-Dec-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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The People's Code: NBA Fans to Issue Warnings to Bad Teams

The NBA's determination to police spectators like this, this, and this is now on a red card for all to see and, if you're a d-bag, receive.

It's a good initiative, made all the more earnest by the plastering of the text beside that pillar of basketball piety, Jerry West; the paragraph seemingly an incontrovertible thought-bubble derived direct from the great man himself. Who's going to continue acting like a tosser when The Logo is giving you the drum?

The punters, though, are not accepting that the behaviour contract will only work one way. Courtesy of an anonymous tip, The Daily Player is now in possession of the 'NBA Team Code of Conduct', as created by the fans:

You are being issued a warning that the dribbling, rebounding and shooting you are displaying for the coaches, game officials and paying public constitutes excessive basketball abuse and is in violation of the 'NBA Team Code of Conduct'.

This is the first and only warning you will receive. If, after receiving this warning, you further offend all of us with JaVale McGee-esque incompetence, you will be immediately ejected from the arena and forced into the 'David Stern Home for Trade Vetos'.

Rumour has it the supply of cards in Brooklyn was exhausted during their overnight capitulation to the awful Knicks.

An urgent re-print has been ordered.