The Never Ending Saga of Dwightmare

Published on 16-Dec-2015 by CJ

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The Never Ending Saga of Dwightmare

Dwight Howard is a phenomenal player.

Even at age 30, dude's arguably the best center in the NBA.

Sure, over the course of his career, he's compiled a collection of bricks from the line large enough to build a castle, but the dude still possesses an overall stellar athletic prowess.

However, he won't be working on plotting moon landings for NASA anytime soon.

Any team would love to have a player like Dwight Howard. Dude's an amazing basketball player who undoubtedly makes your team better on the court, with the exception of the charity stripe.

Then there's the baggage. His off-the court issues leave a lot more to be desired. The most prominent of which is his desire to be traded every five minutes.

  • The original Dwightmare involved Howard’s desire to be traded from his original team, the Orlando Magic, to the newly christened Brooklyn Nets.
  • There was also the issue of Howard wanting the Magic to fire their coach Stan van Gundy, a fact that van Gundy knew and talked about to the media.
  • This was followed by an awkward interview where Howard denied he was asking for the coach’s job, even though van Gundy acknowledged that fact no more than five minutes prior.

Of course, we know Howard didn't get his wish to go to the Nets and ended up with the Los Angeles Lakers in a big four-team trade.

Many a Shaq-comparison was made, all of which became moot when Howard’s single-season tenure in Tinseltown came up short of being the Super Team it was supposed to be.

Perhaps his Laker tenure is best summed up by the fact that he fouled out of their blowout Game 4 loss in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

With his contract up, Howard was free to choose any team his heart desired. One would imagine that this would've finally make him happy. I mean, how could somebody be unhappy when they knowingly chose their destination?

That turned out to be pairing up with James Harden in Houston, seemingly the best place for him. The club indeed got better over the course of his two-year tenure, even reaching the Western Conference Finals last season.

The 2015-16 Rockets, however, are playing like absolute trash. Even after firing Coach Kevin McHale, the team has been unable to turn its season around.

This, in turn, has led to rumors that Howard is extremely unhappy with the Rockets, especially in regards to playing second fiddle to The Beard, even though Harden has been there longer and is by far the better player. So now, there's speculation that the Rockets should look into moving their disgruntled player.

Howard has predictably denied the reports, but his history with the Magic tells a different story.

One thing's certain, though.

Dude's gonna be unhappy and complain no matter where he plays.