The NBA's Worst Center on the NBA's Best Team

Published on 25-Apr-2013 by The Guy

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The NBA's Worst Center on the NBA's Best Team

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a tremendously talented core.

Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook. Serge Ibaka. Kevin Martin. Thabo Sefolosha and Reggie Jackson are solid role players. Kendrick Perkins, though, is not.

Perkins hasn't always sucked. Despite his round stature, he was actually one of the NBA's best centers in his final few years with the Celtics. In 2010, Perkins suffered a torn MCL and PCL, and since then, he has been a mere shell of himself. In his two full seasons with the Thunder, Perkins has been a disaster. He's shooting sub-50% from the field while scoring under five points a game, and he's coughing up the ball over 20% of the time he touches it. 

You might say Perkins makes up for his abysmal offensive game with excellent defensive play. You also might be a mental midget. He's surrendered a PER (Player Efficiency Rating) of 17.6 to his opponents over the last two years, which is way worse than the league average, and he's only blocking one shot per game.

Hasheem Thabeet and Nick Collison are no superstars, but they are much, much, much better options in the frontcourt than Kendrick Perkins, and they don't look like Ivan Ooze. Perhaps the Thunder should reconsider playing this guy 25 minutes a game.