The NBA Needs to Make the Draft More Exciting

Published on 28-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The NBA Needs to Make the Draft More Exciting

If you were like me, you watched the NBA draft but didn't pay close attention to it.

For one, it was going to be a lousy draft.

There were not going to be a lot of top names coming out this year, and most of the players coming out were far from can't-miss status.

Secondly, didn't the season just end? Give us at least a month to recover from the finals before bringing on the draft. Other than baseball, the league would basically have had the stage to themselves, and maybe more excitement from the anticipation. 

Unlike the NFL Draft, the NBA Draft hasn't been exciting for years. Literally. Years! It's not even fun to boo David Stern anymore.

When is the last time anyone other than sports media and hoop nerds really got into draft results the days afterward?

My guess is when Lebron James came out as a high schooler; since then it's been one big yawn fest.

I, like millions of people out there, kept up with the draft through Twitter. I didn't have to watch ESPN to find out about the major trade or who ended up the No. 1 overall pick would be, although Cleveland did add a bit of buzz with their selection.

The NBA has become it's own worst enemy when it comes to the draft.

No one watches mainly because the NBA markets stars over teams, and how many drafts have a crop of stars coming out together anymore? They seep out of college from one-and-dones onward. It's almost impossible to assemble a marquée class these days.

The NFL doesn't have this problem; the NBA does. And someday soon, if the NBA doesn't find a way to make their drafts more audience friendly, you may be watching them exclusively on your laptop from this point on. 

Maybe the NBA can then get Facebook to sponsor them.

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