The NBA Is Back on FanDuel

Published on 7-Nov-2014 by The Dudes

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The NBA Is Back on FanDuel

Yes, FanDuel has an amazing grasp of the obvious, and so it got with the program in a hurry.

The NBA season has begun, and that means the best leagues in daily fantasy basketball have tipped off. This completes the set, as the NFL and NHL are already off and running.

FanDuel is paying out over $9million in NBA prizes every week . And like the NFL Sunday Million, that number is only going to grow.

What's more, you can get in for the cost of coins you can probably rustle up by shaking down your man-cave couch.

Check out these leagues:

The rules for all three are simple:

  • Select a team of players by adding them from the Players box.
  • Your team's combined salaries must not exceed the $60,000 salary cap.
  • Enter your team.
  • You can come back to edit your team any time before the game's start time.

Put your fan skills to work. If this happens to be your genius weekend, you'll be rewarded handsomely. Otherwise, who knows? Next week may be where your genius is displayed for all to see. With FanDuel short-term leagues, you're going to have a fresh shot at proving it every week.

Get your eyes on the prize, and the next round's on you!