The NBA Finals: A Two-Week Headache

Published on 15-Jun-2013 by Towner Park

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The NBA Finals: A Two-Week Headache

A whirlwind. A rollercoaster ride. An unpredictable series.

Whatever term you want to use for this year's NBA Finals will fit perfectly for what's been transpiring since 6 June. If you're a fan of the Heat, you've gone from stomach-wrenching pains to overwhleming joy. If you're a Spurs fan, you've gone from comfortability to complete uncertainty about your team's performance.

The 2013 NBA Finals has been completely erratic. As a basketball junkie, I've religiously followed this series from the start. Game 1 was the only truly competitive contest where both teams were on even keel. Although Lebron reverted back to his passive ways, the fourth quarter was still incredibly combative. Both teams never seemed to gain a significant advantage until the closing minute. 

Games 2, 3, and 4: Complete wash outs. It seemed like the Spurs took a vacation during Game 2. The Heat decided to visit the same resort in Game 3 and the Spurs made the same reservation for Game 4. What is happening here? Are these teams (mainly the coaches and their staff) making such major adjustments from game to game that they are able to completely stifle the opposition to create an unexpected blowout? Each game has been completely unique its own right.

Dwayne Wade -- bum knee and all -- came out of nowehere to explode for 30 points in Game 4 to save a potential close-out for the Spurs in Game 5 in San Antonio. Danny Green (who?) blew up for 27 points (including seven 3-pointers) in Game 3. Lebron hasn't been as elite as he has been all season until Game 4.

Just when you think you know what's going to happen, it doesn't. Analysts, prognosticators, and so-called NBA experts are completely in awe of what's developing right in front of our flabbergasted eyes. Discard everything you know about basketball, the Heat, and the Spurs. We are in for something absolutely discordant for Game 5. 

Sunday night, 9:00 edt, I'll be watching. Another storyline awaits.