The Larry Nance Jr Holiday Dunk Spectacular

Published on 17-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Larry Nance Jr Holiday Dunk Spectacular

Larry Nance Jr has gone full scorched earth on the NBA.

The young Lakers forward is leaving physical and emotional carnage in seemingly every city he visits.

His latest victim is the most unfortunate Brook Lopez.

Hopefully, the NBA collective bargaining agreement includes occupational therapy, because Lopez may need some after this violation of human decency:

That's just plain wrong, bordering on the criminal.

Did you happen to notice the Nets bench after the dunk? Their natural instinct was to jump up and pay homage, but they were somehow able to restrain themselves, as the poster victim was their own teammate.

The Laker bench was under no such restrictions though, and was able to express freely.

It was similar to the uninhibited joy of an exhibition dunking contest.

Of course, this is only the most recent dunk in the always expanding Nance portfolio.

Look what the dude did to David West last month:

'Way harsh.

There's no reason to think the Nance tour of devastation will stop anytime soon.

His next victim is out there somewhere.

Resistance is futile.