The JR Smith Wonder Emporium

Published on 3-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The JR Smith Wonder Emporium

J.R. Smith is one of the more fascinating humans in the NBA.

Well, on the entire planet, really.

Smith had another episode in Milwaukee recently, when he confused a live in-bounds play with happy hour.

The mercurial Cleveland guard decided to give Bucks' veteran Jason Terry a nice hug right before the ball was put in play.

Predictably, this did not end well for the Cavaliers, as Terry was on the bench at the time and the dude whom Smith was supposed to be checking scored on an uncontested dunk.

That is pure gold.

As wonderful as the actual play was, the post-game interview was somehow better.

The delightfully wacky Smith seemed indifferent about the play, first asking what play the reporters were referencing and then actually suggesting that he didn't realize he was in the game.

Yes, we all are.

But that's the mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma -- it's still relevant, Sir Winston -- that is Earl Joseph Smith III.

While we may be entertained by these madcap antics, Smith's teammates were most certainly not.

They appeared to be visibly frustrated on the court, probably wondering what Smith was thinking in that moment.

That question can be applied to this dude pretty much all the time.

Good thing he can shoot the rock.

Long live JR Smith.