The Finish Line's in Sight for Kobe

Published on 10-Nov-2015 by CJ

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The Finish Line's in Sight for Kobe

Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the top five players to ever play the game of basketball.

The Black Mamba has hit some of the most clutch and insane shots in NBA history.

Dude's accomplished so much in his NBA career that his achievements have their own Wikipedia page.

 That is why it's a bummer to think his days in the NBA are numbered.

Rumors about the Black Mamba’s potential retirement began to surface last offseason, but Kobe took to Twitter to shoot them down. However, in a recent interview, he admitted how thoughts of retirement have started to creep back into his mind, stating that, as of today, he foresees this being his final season in the NBA.

There's good reason to believe that this may actually happen. Dude's coming off shoulder surgery, basically having not played a full season since 2012-13. The Black Mamba’s shooting ability has also drastically declined to the point where even he acknowledged that he “freaking sucks.”

Kobe did, however, keep the door to a return open, tossing out clichés like “you never know” and that “whatever happens, happens.”

Classic existentialism.

Sure, he kinda sucks now and his contract is killing the Lakers, but without Kobe, where would the NBA be?

That's right. In Oklahoma City. For now, anyway. And Cleveland does come to mind.

Plus, your friends wouldn’t have anything to yell as they shoot something into the garbage can.

Whether he calls it quits after this season or not, Kobe Bryant will have left his historic mark on the game, as well as a plethora of witty memes.