Surprisingly, Lebron James Envies Kevin Durant

Published on 24-Jan-2014 by Towner Park

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Surprisingly, Lebron James Envies Kevin Durant

This past month for Kevin Durant has been, in one word, explosive. 

It has been an honor to watch one of the most prolific scorers of my generation go on an unbelievable run. Frankly, ever since the Seattle Supersonics -- now known as the Oklahoma Thunder -- drafted Kevin Durant second overall in 2007, his offensive game has developed into being virtually unstoppable. He's shooting 50% from the field, which is an impressive stat given that Durant is a perimeter offensive player who relies on a smooth jump shot. His mid-range game is stellar, while his three-point shooting is downright nasty for someone standing 6-9. These attributes and statistics are a simple reflection of the tireless work ethic that Durant employs during the offseason. 

Not only has he single-handedly distanced himself from the competition for that illustrious, fourth straight NBA scoring title, Durant is keeping the Thunder afloat while Russell Westbrook recovers from a bum right knee. Currently, the Oklahoma City stands atop the Western Conference after just defeating their main Western Conference foe, the San Antonio Spurs. Durant led the Thunder to a statement road win with 36 points against a historically suffocating Spurs defense. 

And who says the NBA regular season means nothing?

While the success continues to build for Durant, Lebron James is currently experiencing a category four hurricane in Miami. The Heat are floudering, and James is carrying the bulk of the load on his back, literally and figuratively. He can't support this team for too much longer, especially with Dwayne Wade out indefintely. 

Then again, whenever I utter such blasphemy, Lebron somehow manages to overcome his pressurized dilemma with nary a scratch. 

Despite Lebron's ability to overcome the odds -- or perhaps because he's had to do it so often this season -- he publicly expressed envy towards Durant's seemingly endless array of field goal attempts

Once I read the article, I immediately discredited Lebron's comments. He can be impulsive at times, especially towards the media. I categorized this as a 'Lebron Blurt' and thought about his character. 

Lebron's game isn't anything like Durant's. They're two very different but equally effective types of players. Sorry, Lebron, but it's public knowledge that you're more of a Magic Johnson than a Michael Jordan. You're strong, tall, and take pride in incorporating your teammates into the offensive blueprint instead of immediately asserting yourself. Basically, you're a point guard living in a power forward's body, and you need to accept that. 

Lebron, you need to embrace this because you shouldn't get caught up in a numbers game. Trust me, no one likes a stats hog because selfish NBA players normally have minimal success (Refer to Carmelo Anthony's career). You're a team-oriented individual who possesses a refined NBA skill set with room to improve. The Heat wouldn't have won two NBA Championships if it weren't for your unselfishness and knack to know when to flip the switch into Beast Mode. 

Let Kevin Durant hoist as many shots as he wants, because the bottom line is your championship rings shine a little brighter than his three-consecutive scoring titles.