Steve Kerr Seems to Enjoy an Opening Night Beatdown

Published on 26-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Steve Kerr Seems to Enjoy an Opening Night Beatdown

The Association is finally back to pressing regular-season business, and this is a good thing.

However, the Golden State Warriors may not agree.

The Dubs got spanked at home by the relentlessly consistent San Antonio Spurs on opening night, and the 129-100 score probably doesn't even reflect the one-sided nature of this game.

This was obviously not how the Warriors and their stacked roster envisioned the season beginning, but at least head coach Steve Kerr is in good spirits.

The former Chicago Bulls ring bearer was laughing it up with Spurs head dude Gregg Popavich during the traditional post game handshake.

That seemed to turn into an open mic night at Chuckles.

Of course, the two coaches have an existing relationship, as Kerr played under Pop and considers him a valuable mentor.

This respect also flows in the other direction, and the two often yuk it up after games.

It's just that the visual of a coach laughing hysterically immediately after his team absorbs a 29-point smack-o-rama at home on opening night seems incongruent.

Despite these optics, one can assume the tone was a bit more somber in the locker room.