Sterling's Opening Gambit: Humility

Published on 12-May-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Sterling's Opening Gambit: Humility

Throughout the entire firestorm surrounding Donald Sterling, a certain tone has been humming through the tweeters.

It's like a mosquito that can be heard but not seen, serving notice that at some opportune moment, at attempt at bloodsucking will be made.

However, that tone carries a resemblance more like a whine, as if a movie character was coming to life:

Could Sterling have begun his battle for holding on to the Los Angeles Clippers by playing the sympathy card? By implying that life is imitating art?

He certainly appears to be:

If this dude is truly sincere with what he's saying, then he just became the second Grinch in history whose heart grew two sizes that day.

But it's inevitable Sterling will still get a smackdown from the Commish, at which point the scenario will most likely become art imitating art imitating life:

And if it comes to that -- new Grinch heart or no Grinch heart -- it won't be a pretty picture for either side.