Sterling's Comments: Not a Surprise

Published on 28-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sterling's Comments: Not a Surprise

If you're surprised by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's attitude and comments, you shouldn't be.

Sterling's comments shocked many, but if you follow the NBA like I do, this isn't out of character at all.

Donald Sterling is one of the worst and  most disliked owners in the NBA. I've never heard anything positive about the man. That's not a real surprise, either.

Up until a few years ago, the Clippers were considered one of the worst franchises in sports history, and most of the blame fell on Sterling because he's cheap. The only reason the Clippers are good now is because they acquired a batch of No 1 draft choices over the years due to their consistently poor record, proving that every so often, a blind squirrel can actually find an acorn or two.

Notice throughout this whole ordeal, not a single ex-player has come out and defended him. Know why? Because they hate him.

This man has a 20-something mistress whom he takes to games and is still married. Has been for 50 years, in fact. That should clue you in on the type of guy he is.

Sterling built his franchise on the blood, sweat and tears of African-Americans, and yet he can't stand them.

Sound familiar? He sounds like a plantation owner, which in a way, he is. He's an old, rich, white guy who hates blacks, but profits from them.

The NBA isn't surprised by this. They've known for years that Sterling was a jerk and did nothing about him. Frankly, it's just as appalling that the other owners have been so passive about his attitude.

So what can the NBA do? Some suggest strip him of his team. Give him the death penalty like they did at SMU and make his players -- and coach, for that matter -- free agents.

Others say don't go to the games. Magic Johnson, who's in the middle of all of this, says he and his wife won't be going to any more Clipper games as long as he's the owner.

Now first of all, why is a former Laker going to a Clippers game anyway? Second , is it fair to the players to boycott the games?

It's not their fault their owner is an a-hole, but  I'd understand if fans don't go to the games. What is true, though, is the NBA needs to do something, even if it's just suspending him until they finish their investigation.

Personally, I would love to see the NBA players say -- or even Clippers players say -- I will not go on the court until Sterling is gone. I can not imagine how the players feel at this point to know that the man who signs their pay checks, basically thinks nothing of them as humans.

And if that is the fact, maybe it's time for the players to take a stand.