Sterling Attends Black Church; V Stiviano Attacked

Published on 2-Jun-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sterling Attends Black Church; V Stiviano Attacked

I don't know what was in the drinking water in Los Angeles over the weekend, but Donald Sterling and V Stiviano had more than a few sips.

Let's start with Sterling, who for some reason, decided to attend an African-American church this weekend.

Well, full marks to the pastor, who's someone who definitely walks the walk, which is more than most can say.

“I’m here to support this wonderful group,” Sterling said.

OK ... If you say so.

I'm still in the leopards-&-spots camp. So I wonder which of his advisors told him to do this?

Does he not realize this is over? His team is sold, he's out of the NBA, but he thinks going to a black church is going to help him in his court battle?

Really, Donald?

If Sterling was truly serious, he'd take the wad of dosh he'll get from the slam-dunk sale of the Clippers and go away quietly.

Or better yet, give some of that money to a charity that helps minorities and not plaster it in ads all over the continent. Then, I'll believe he has changed. Or, at least I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Old leopards-&-spots, you know.

But let's move on to Ms. Stiviano, who apparently was attacked while she was in New York. 

According to her attorney, Mac Nehoray, Stiviano was allegedly socked by two white men who then yelled at her using that word and other racist language after she left a restaurant near the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District at 7pm.

Despite the incident, Stiviano didn't file a police report. Hmmm.

This smells. Either Stiviano is lying, which wouldn't be that hard to believe, or Sterling may have had her attacked; again, not that hard to believe.

Don't we just all wish they both would just go away? I'm sure that's high on the NBA's list.

And by the way, Miami and San Antonio will meet to decide the championship.