Sixers' Epic 26-Game Losing Streak Mercifully Ends

Published on 31-Mar-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Sixers' Epic 26-Game Losing Streak Mercifully Ends

It's not easy to lose 26 consecutive times at anything, but this level of futility can be achieved if you really focus and apply yourself. A valuable lesson for the kids.

The Philadelphia 76ers have dared to dream such a dream for the better part of two months, sharing the longest losing streak in North American major professional sports history with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, despite their best efforts, the Sixers won a basketball game on Saturday night in Philly against the Detroit Pistons, an almost equally inept team that must be feeling really good about themselves at the moment.

Alas, the streak is no more, and history has been averted. However, a good time was had by all.

Philly put on quite a show for the home folks against the Pistons, building a 19-point halftime lead that swelled to 30 points after three quarters. This sizable margin produced a fourth quarter free from drama, with the fans presumably scratching their heads in confusion as to what they were witnessing.

The masochistic Sixers fans actually gave their heroes a standing ovation at the end of the third quarter, clearly disoriented as a result of the large lead and believing the game had already ended. This puzzlement is certainly understandable, but a regulation NBA game does in fact contain four quarters of action. However, they did figure it out by the end of the game, granting the Sixers more sustained applause.

Philadelphia is a painfully young team that will get better, but for now, the lessons are harsh and frequent. They can take some solace in the knowledge that they are not the worst team in the NBA in terms of record. Incredibly, after losing 26 consecutive games, Philly is still two games better than the Milwaukee Bucks.

The jockeying for lottery position will no doubt continue as these two bottom dwellers play out the string this season. In the meantime, we are mourning the end of an inspirational run of failure.

But man, what a ride.