Santa Wears Red

Published on 24-Dec-2014 by El Grande Rio

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Santa Wears Red

Last night's Portland Trail Blazers at Oklahoma City bout reminded me of the old days in the NBA.

There were great moves, late shots, easy buckets, even new rivalries.

And yes, a little extra entertainment for your sporting dollar.

Just like in the old good days 

Without Kevin Durant, it was all on Russell Westbrook to show a tad of class against the fiesty Blazers. And the Brookster did the job pretty well, scoring a season-high of 40 points with 10 rebounds. Still, this dude was not impressed:

Indeed, it was a direct clash between those two. 

Damn, I could swear that I saw same thing last night.

OK, time flies.

For me, this was the game highlight:

Yes, it's all about that three-ball.

But when you take closer look, it gets really weird to say that OKC defends the rim when they have a one-possesion lead with five seconds left. Brooks is a genius, I can tell you that.

And Damian took care of biz while Russ was left waiting for the rebound that never came.

It's not hype. Just check the WAR stats for both players. You'll actually see who's the true megastar.

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