Safety Rule No 1: Protect Thy Family Jewels

Published on 9-Mar-2015 by Towner Park

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Safety Rule No 1: Protect Thy Family Jewels

There's one place no one should ever visit without consent.

In fact, trespassing there is such a popular novelty, it's a segment on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Sure, it might be considered humorous to watch, but to be involved is a completely different experience.

Last Sunday night against the Houston Rockets, even The King couldn't protect his jewels.

James Harden intentionally kicked LeBron James in the groin during their much-anticipated match-up. The game itself was physical, chippy, and downright old school, but the Harden's kick wasn't necessary, by any means.

Even LeBron stated post-game that the kick, "wasn't a basketball play."

I certainly don't condone such behavior, but unfortunately, we've seen this before.

Dewayne Wade and Jason Terry are surprising violators. Each served a one-game suspension for their childlike actions. Kevin Garnett, one of the staunchest blue-collar employees the NBA has ever employed, is well-known for his school bully-like "taps to the crotch."

Harden, whose play when reviewed also resulted in a one-game suspension, should have known better. You can't do something like that and not expect some sort of reprimand.

I implore the NBA to crack down on this dirty play altogether by imposing a harsher penalty. Does a kajillion-dollar operation like the NBA really want to look that soft on such childish behavior?

And if so, hoops should join hockey and baseball and issue jocks with cups.