Rotten Apple

Published on 8-Dec-2014 by El Grande Rio

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Rotten Apple

Madison Square Garden can feel it, and so can you.

And I believe that Mr Phil Jackson would agree.

Something stinks with these Knicks.

No, this isn't supposed to be a lyrics contest about a franchise that has a unique status in the league. This club lives in parallel universes. Its results couldn't be more representative of how good/bad they are at the same damn time.

How vast is the suckage? Global.

This is a doomed team.

Eight defeats in a row.  And counting. Their last win was at home against a 76ers squad that's so bad, no one can accuse it of tanking. The Knicks may have new coach in Derek Fisher, who came from the Left Coast, but their record against teams from the Western Conference remains equally awful. 

The basketball court is a mirror of one's true abilities. The way you win and they way you lose is hard-wired in your karma, and you can't run from it. This Knicks team can lose even when it leads by 10 points late in last quarter. Yes, things like that are possible. But hey, giving up the lead and losing possession when the score is tied is what teams with losing mentalities do. 

Take their recent tilt against the Cavaliers. New York had that game in their hands against a team that has fresh wounds in its defense and unsettled stars on its roster. Still, Carmello Anthony manages to finish the game without once going to the free-throw line?

Finally, the Cavs grabbed the victory, thanks in part to Kyrie Irving ...

OK, thanks a lot to Kyrie Irving, but bottom line is that it could only have happened against the Knicks.

Just ask Charlotte a couple of days later:

And there's no end in sight.

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