Rondo Bashed by NBA Scout

Published on 28-Feb-2014 by Towner Park

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Rondo Bashed by NBA Scout

Apparently, an NBA Eastern Conference scout has publicly bashed Boston Celtic point guard, Rajon Rondo.

It's funny how the harshest criticims come from unnamed sources.

You never know. This scout may just happen to be a New York Knick fan, and his bitterness has gotten the best of him.

Aside from my speculations, I think it's absolutely absurd what this scout said. Let's take a minute to analyze it closely.

First, the scout was cited as saying that "he would take 40 point guards over Rondo".

This is an obvious exaggeration. Are you trying to tell me that Kyle Lowry, Patrick Beverley, and Raymond Felton are better than Rondo? I think not. Rondo's skill set is hard to duplicate. His on-court vision is uncanny and frightening at times. And we wonder why his assist total is so up there. He has the ability to anticipate passes and openings that others can't or aren't willing to try. Additionally, in 2012, Rondo was named to the All-NBA third team as a point guard.

Secondly, The scout also questioned Rondo's defensive capabilities, calling the point guard a "gambler".

For four consecutive years, Rondo has managed to make the NBA All-First and Second Team Defensive unit. That means he must be an outstanding defender, yes?

I can't believe the NBA would make the mistake of awarding him with that type of recognition for four consecutive years! Panelists, analysts, and NBA gurus can't be that naïve.

Lastly, the scout questioned Rondo's work ethic.

Rondo was exposed to mucho success at a young age, and that success may have given him the chance to relax a little bit. This is not to say that Rondo's work ethic is poor, because I feel as though Rondo's solid but doesn't demonstrate it regularly. His leadership is quite different than, say, a Chris Paul. He's not an in-your-face, scream-until-his-face-is-red type of leader. He's more of a leader by example, which he could definitely display more frequently. Like showing up for the Sacramento game. However, you can definitely tell that Rondo has spent countless hours in the gym, trying to develop his jump shot. Although it's still inconsistent, he's made drastic improvements since his days at Kentucky.

Despite what you may or may not think about Rondo's attitude and demeanor, he's still unquestionably one of the most dominant point guards in the league.

Do we not recall the numbers he put up in a loss to Miami during the playoffs in 2012? Shall I remind you?