Rockets Rookie Goes Underhand from Foul Line

Published on 16-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Rockets Rookie Goes Underhand from Foul Line

The wonderfully named Chinanu Onuaku has decided to embrace his inner child.

Publicly, as in on the court.

The rookie out of Louisville has gone full Old School, dusting off the classic underhanded free throw, a phenomenon rarely witnessed anymore in the contemporary NBA.

Actually, this is nothing new for Onuaku, who started shooting free throws in this controversial-if-it-was-that-important fashion as a sophomore at Louisville in an effort to improve an extremely poor percentage from the line.

It actually has worked, and while the Rockets' second-round pick hasn't morphed into Steph Curry, he does seem capable of maintaining a reasonable percentage, particularly for a big.

Hello, DeAndre Jordan!

And a good day to you, Andre Drummond.

Is this shooting style silly and juvenile?

Well, it'll put a tear in the eye of anyone who worships 1940s hoops.

And remember, Hall of Famer Rick Barry finished his career with a 90% free throw percentage using the granny method. No one was laughing at this dude.

So have at it, Chinanu Onuaku. Just try to ignore the persistent giggling.