Riley Curry: The Controversial Toddler

Published on 25-May-2015 by Towner Park

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Riley Curry: The Controversial Toddler

She's not even three yet, people!

Apparently, children of the Curry family are destined to outshine their parents.

Stephen Curry has outperformed his father, Dell, and now, Steph's daughter, Riley, is superseding him, with unadulterated cuteness and attention.

Who can blame her, right? She's a 2-year-old.

Well, the media can, that's who. But are they completely out of line?

The answer would be no.

Riley Curry is adorable, but she doesn't have a lethal jumpshot and she can't formulate a noteworthy thought.

However, her father does, and therefore, following a Golden State Warrior win, journalists require his opinions to construct stories for their respected publications.

The atmosphere built around post-game conferences is a professional environment. Sure, it was nice seeing a cute kid, but after the initial hug and kiss, Curry should've had someone regulate his daughter.

I might parallel Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino here, but seriously, the dude's still working. Holster that child, and after you're finished offering quotes for the night's performance, you can return to fatherhood.

It was Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. The environment might have been more welcoming if say, you'd just won the NBA Championship. Even then, your munchkin may get only a bit of TV time before he or she is whisked away.

Although it shouldn't be controversial and/or blown out of proportion, this won't become a new trend. The suits and ties will intervene with a few refresher professionalism in the workplace seminars.

Writers usually get a bad reputation for being pushy and overly sensitive, but for most journalists at that presser, the story is a source of their livelihood. Deadlines are real and, more importantly, being able to share their stories leads to more coverage, more availability, and ultimately, more revenue generated towards ... who?

That's right. Stephen Curry.

Play nice, people, and don't forget that if kids went to work with you, nothing would ever get done. Unless you work at a daycare.